If you have a quality insurance company, they should offer Choice of Repairer

However not all will. If you are unsure you can give us a call.

Most insurers will direct you to a repairer of their choosing. Our advise is do your homework when purchasing insurance and when selecting a repairer.
Choose one that is working for you and with you.

McCarthy Panel Works is a Holden Collision Repairer and a CommInsure preferred provider. However, we accept repairs from all insurance companies and independent repairs.

It only takes about 10 minutes for our awesome office team to collect the information from you and your vehicle, and our estimator will take a look at the damage sustained. Then prepare the estimate after collecting information from Parts suppliers, mechanics, signage companies, and dealerships to obtain accurate pricing for parts and sublets, we may also require cut procedures from manufacturers. We check availability of parts to determine if replacement or repair is required. Then forward the estimate on to yourself and your insurer.  Understandably this can take some time and we work through this process as quickly as possible.

Without seeing the damage to the vehicle, there is no easy answer to this question. That is why it is always best to bring your vehicle in for an estimate

There are many factors which determine how long a repair will take:

  • If we need to order in additional parts unforeseen at time of estimate
  • delivery timeframes;
  • The complexity of the repair;
  • Insurance claims;
  • Unexpected changes that may be out of our control, i.e. weather forcing delayed shipments of parts, our machines breaking down etc.
  • The availability of Sublet repairers- Mechanics, Dealers, Signage, Glass fitters

We do our best to ensure our clients get back on the road as quickly as possible. But we will never compromise on quality and safety. We stay in contact with you, and if your job is likely to take longer than expected, we will notify you as soon as we can with updated information

With new cars coming onto the market each year it may seem unfathomable that the team at McCarthy Panel Works can ensure your car’s technology remains uncompromised during the repair process. However, we assure you that our experienced team takes extreme care when dealing with sensors, cameras, driver assist technology and more.

  • Check for information bulletins, and repair procedures
  • Check for damage to any driver assist systems;
  • Check indicator lamps and display messages;
  • Protect the car’s data and share data with any third party (i.e. manufacturer) if necessary.

On most occasions once the repair is done, we run a post-repair code clear and calibration.

All labour and paintwork carried out by McCarthy Panel Works has a warranty.as per the manufacturer

The parts used for the repairs carry varying warranties depending on the part and the supplier.

We do have the technology to do this, however nothing replaces the expert eye of our trained estimators.   We understand the way a vehicle is built and can have insight into what is unseen if we get to see and feel the movement of the impacted panels and parts

So we would recommend bringing your vehicle in for a more accurate assessment.

McCarthy Panel Works prefers to use genuine OEM parts, and our estimates are reflective of this unless a request is made by the insurer or yourself, however also of note some insurance policies determine what parts have to be used on your vehicle. We recommend checking your policy

McCarthy Panel Works has been servicing the Mackay region for over 50 years. Our owners, Craig and Andrea, have worked in the industry for over 55 years, collectively.

All of our trade qualified Team have completed post graduate training to attain Platinum Status (the highest accreditation through) I-Car Australia, many of our team members have undertaken apprenticeships with us.

To stay up to date with the latest repair methods and advancements in technology, every McCarthy employee regularly engages in I-CAR Australia training.

Each insurance Company and policy has a purpose. You have to decide what is important for you and your vehicle.

  • the premium price could remain the same but the extras may have changed

the key areas to pay attention to are

  • Does your policy have Choice of Repairer?
  • Has your Excess amount changed? Eg from $600 up to $800?
  • Has you hire vehicle option been included?
  • Has the windscreen option been included(this is especially important with screens requiring calibrations)?

Yes, our estimates are based on a visual inspection. Once the repair has commenced it is possible to find hidden or unforeseen damage

All vehicles are washed polished and vacuumed post repair as a courtesy. If you would like a professional detail, we can help arrange this with an external company.