I-CAR Gold Class

I-CAR Australia is part of the global I-CAR organisation. Their vision is to raise the collision repair industry’s quality through knowledge and skills to ensure the ultimate benefits to the consumer. The Australian program focuses on providing ongoing post-certification education and training for the entire panel beating and collision repair industry.

McCarthy Panel Works is proud to be the first, certified I-CAR Australia Gold Class collision repairer in Queensland. We obtained this certificate in September 2013 and have maintained it since. We are honoured to be the first in Queensland, and it pleases us to see so many other Queensland and Mackay-based collision repairers following suit.

Being a Gold Class Collision Repairer means the team at McCarthy Panel Works has obtained the highest role-relevant training accreditation, recognised by the collision repair industry, in Australia. For our customers and referral partners, this training is their assurance of our repairs’ quality and safety.

All McCarthy Panel Works employees, from the owners to the repair team to the administration team, undergo regular training from I-CAR Australia. With the vast number of new vehicles entering the market each year, this training ensures that our skills and advice are as up-to-date as possible.

With the evolution of more eco-friendly vehicle models such as hybrid and electric vehicles, we at McCarthy Panel Works know that we are ready and able to take on these more technical repairs. In fact, we have taken the steps to create a separate specialised electric and hybrid vehicle repair centre, across the road from our 3 O’Loughlin Street, main workshop. Before any of our workers are able to commence work on these vehicles, they must undergo specialised training from I-CAR Australia.

To obtain Gold Class status, we had to go through many steps to ensure that each of our lead technicians underwent extensive training. And every other repair team member has also completed at least four training points. We are one of only nine collision repairers in Australia, and the only one in Queensland, to have all qualified members of staff obtain Platinum Individual Certificates through I-CAR Australia.

To learn more about I-CAR Australia and what it takes to get and maintain a Gold Class Collision Certification, head to the I-CAR Australia website.

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Here from Andrea as she discussed McCarthy Panel Works' road to I-CAR Australia Gold Class.