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There is no substitute for seeing things with our own eyes.

We never want to misinform our clients. Therefore, McCarthy Panel Works will not give estimates or repair advice over the phone.

Although you may think by providing us with photos, we can give you advice and an estimate; we would prefer to see the vehicle in-person to give a more accurate assessment.

Our team of highly trained repair experts know what to look for when assessing a vehicle’s damage. So, to provide you with the best advice and most accurate quote, we must see your vehicle and carry out a thorough examination, in person. We can do this at our office at 3A O’Loughlin Street, North Mackay, or if necessary, we can come to you.

Using the form, please send us a message, and we will happily arrange an assessment.

While waiting for a response, if you have any questions about the repair process or insurance claims, please see our FAQ’s.

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